Blogging is Cheaper than Therapy

I have heard people say that blogging is cheaper than therapy.

I totally get that now!  I feel like I have a new friend.  It’s really very similar to when I tell people off when I’m alone in my car!
That’s still more fun though because I think and talk faster than I can type :)

I work on the computer all day and keep thinking of things I want to tell the world.  So I log out and come over here to wordpress.

I assume the newness will wear off and I will get bored with telling my story to the world.  But for now I am enjoying myself.  Even if no one reads this.  Even if no one ever does, it still feels good.

Therapy in my PJs while sipping coffee out of my favorite mug.  Can’t beat that!

May have to get some really cute slippers now – all in the name of therapy of course!


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I am fighting back against anxiety & panic attacks. This is year 5 of this adventure. I am also codependent. I am an ACOA. Fun, Fun. I am trying hard to become a better me.
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