Parent – Teacher Conferences Anxiety

Parent / Teacher conferences were this morning. This type of thing usually really works me up for days in advance. Hard to explain why, but anyone that sufferers from panic attacks understands I am sure. This time I think I was just TOO busy to even remember they were coming up. It was awesome to realize the day was here already and I hadn’t flipped out about it :)

I had a rough night – have a nasty cold and was up coughing a lot last night. Did NOT get good rest. And that is my number 1 defense against panic attacks. That has proven to me to be the most important factor in dealing with it. So that worried me. But you know what, I was still feeling pretty miserable this morning and I think that was just the perfect distraction. Conferences went well. Very well. And I think I was more worried about coughing & sneezing on people than I was anything else. Aaaahhh, distraction. Worked wonders for me today :)

Thank you Lord for ….. MY COLD ?!?!? Yea, that’s right.


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