Happy Hubby Day (AKA Happy Hubby Moment #6)

Today was a good day.   That’s why I’m calling it Happy Hubby DAY, not just a moment :)

Hubby and I went Christmas shopping this morning as soon as the kids got on the bus for school.  I was not nearly as prepared as I would have like to be so I was looking at sale flyers and trying to make my list as we were driving to the stores :)  We are getting a late start at this Christmas shopping…. so things took longer than we expected just because things are out of stock and lines were long of course.  But he was so pleasant.  I truly enjoyed hanging out with him today.  YAY.

AND tonight was my dinner with the ladies.  The last time I went out in the evening, I came home and the kids are up watching tv, not showered, or ready for bed at all even though it was past their bed time.  So then I have to be the mean mom who makes them do all that stuff and hurry them to bed.  That’s a whole other argument with hubby that I can tell you about another day.  Anyway, today when I came home………..drumroll please!

They were all in their beds reading and playing their DS’s.  I LOVED it!  They were still awake so I got to still talk to each of them about their day and we prayed together like we do every night.  But I didn’t have to be the meanie!  I was thrilled!  HUGE YAY for Hubbby!   I made sure to tell him how happy it made me too :)

He just left for work and I need to get some sleep.  Shopping is hard work!  lol

oh – by the way.  The Ladies dinner went great too!  No panic attacks anywhere to be found.  Like I said, This was a good day!  THANK YOU LORD!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trish
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 23:22:30

    Sounds like a WONDERFUL day!! So happy for you!!


  2. toughwords
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 08:57:43

    Thanks Trish! Hope you are having some wonderful days too! Would love to hear more about your situation :)


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