Happy Hubby Moment #7 – The Christmas Tree

He came with me to get our Christmas tree.

He took pictures of me  :)

I usually just dig our fake one out of the attic.  I hate it.  It’s huge.  It scratches my arms all up when pull it down the attic steps.  We got a new recliner this year that is too big for our living room.  So we have less room for a tree.  I didn’t want that huge tree.  They are selling them for $12 at a store close to us but their hours are weird and are only open during the day – or I would have included the kids!  He told me this morning to just go get one, he wasn’t coming.  I remained silent for a while.  (I am trying to delay my responses – so that I am thoughtful and don’t over-react or spout out something I will regret.  Sounds corny maybe, but a little self-control is good for all of us right ??!)  Then I said that I really wished he would come.  He was not interested.  I said “It’s a sad day when I have to pick out a Christmas tree all by myself!”

And to me it is!  We always had a real tree growing up – and we would all go pick it out together.  And until were given that wonderful fake tree, Hubby and I always had one too – we have great pics of us picking out a tree – him dragging the tree, me carrying our babies through the snow.  So I think that sounds terribly sad.  I wanted to scream “We might as well be divorced already!”  But I didn’t.  And ever-wise, Kid2 told him he really should come with me because it would be nice.

So he came.  And it said “Closed Today” in a messy hand-written sign on the door.   Ha!

Well, we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone.  So Hubby called him at home and asked if we could get one and he’d drop off the money tomorrow.  (The fact that he did this is huge to me.  I would have expected him to just grump about having to come with me , and now the store is closed and I’ll just have to get my own tree tomorrow, blah, blah, blah!)  The owner said yes and we have a real tree in the living room now.  I think our last real tree was 6 years ago.  I’m excited :)  The kids & I will decorate it later this week – in between basketball practices and Christmas shopping trips.

Hubby even asked me if I had the camera on our way to get the tree.  I said no.  I am the only one who ever takes pics.  If I want to be in one so people know I actually existed, I have to ask someone to take it.  He said I should have brought it – we always take pics when we pick out the tree.  So when we got home and I was watering the tree, he took my pic.  Too bad I was down on the floor with my butt in the air, trying to crawl under the tree…..  It’s the thought that counts right?

Our $12 Tree


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