Happy New Year’s Eve – For Real!

Usually on New Years Eve we all just lay around the living room, watch tv and eat too much.  Artichoke dip, nachos, leftover Christmas cookies…

This year sis-in-law had a party at the local community center for the kids.  From 7-1.  They were thrilled.  My first thought?  Oh my gosh – it will just be me and hubby!  What will we do?  That’s a lot of pressure right now!  And apparently he felt the same.  lol

Turned out OK.  We took kids in at 7:00, hung out a while and ate some yummy food she made.  Came home, gabbed a while and made out.  Yep.  That’s what we did.  Then we even talked about the phone in the bedroom.  Remember the phone problem.  We discussed it like grown-ups.  Yay us.

Then I made artichoke dip and crab pasta.  I ate some cookies and before you know it it was 10:00.  Time to pick up the kids and take their friends home.  No, I didn’t let them stay until 1am.  Most of the kids at the party were older and I wasn’t sure how that would work out.

We came home & the kids ate – they were having too much fun at the party to stop playing and eat so they were starved!  We watched Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve or whatever it is called and discussed how people’s boobs must certainly be cold.  LOL  Come on! You are wearing a big coat and even a hat but  the boobs are still hanging out!  For the first time in a very long time everyone was awake when the ball dropped.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  It was nice.


A little more about the party:
Just want to tell you about it – I was very impressed with my sis-in-law!  She wanted to have a party for the teen crowd and she did a great job!  Our community center is just a large open building with basketball hoops.  She set up some tables and food near the door.  She brought in a ping pong table, had a DJ, karaoke, and they even somehow projected a Wii onto a wall and the kids played Just Dance and then later the younger boys played a wii nerf game.  They loved it.  And of course there was dancing and basketball.  Hubby’s aunt even had the younger kids all playing kickball at one point.  The adults that did stay mostly stayed out of the kids way and played cards and talked.  Kids loved it.  Parents loved that there was a safe place for their kids to have fun on New Year’s eve.  So proud of her!  And she worked hard on it!

And just a funny thing – the school principal is a friend of the family.  His kid was there and didn’t want his Dad to come of course.  So they made a deal that he could come if his Dad wore a disguise and no one recognized him.  Of course the son figured that was the end of the conversation.  His dad came wearing an elvis wig and glasses.  LOL  It was dark in there and the Dad just sat down and played cards.  It was very funny when the son realized his dad was there after a few hours!



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