I’m a Bundle of Nerves today – Follow up.

I made it.  And of course it was fine.  Absolutely fine.

Things always seem to work out better than expected when I get myself worked up about my anxiety / panic attacks.  I wish I would learn that and remember it for next time!

S-i-l helped assemble the hoagies yesterday so she just brought our order home.  Check that off the list.

We carpooled with a friend for Kid2’s basketball practice.  So, that cut that job in half.  :)

Kid3’s Basketball game is the one that had me worried.  Guess what?  Not a problem!
It was fun.  I was relaxed.  I did take ativan about an hour before we left.  It was a very casual game.  These are young kids so it was more fun than competition.  No bleachers anywhere to be found.  Ha!  (Wish I didn’t hate bleachers so much!!  Bleachers are like a GO sign for my panic attacks!)   lol  It’s a small gym so parents just sat on the floor around the court or you could just hang out by the entryway.  We sat along the side and just relaxed.  No problem.  Well getting Kid1 to put away the cell and actually watch her brother play ball was a bit of a challenge.  lol  Other than that, all was well.  Which is awesome cuz next time will be even better. Next time I’ll take an old blanket or something to sit on – that floor was cold!  Next time is tonight by the way….

Made myself proud today :)  Seems silly cuz people just don’t get what the big deal is.  I wish it wasn’t a big deal.  But it is.  So I get a Good Mom Award for pushing through it!

THANK YOU LORD for the cold hard floor!


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  1. fred
    Feb 18, 2011 @ 15:29:03

    Approximately one year ago I started getting Panic Attacks for no reason. I lost a year of my life! It was horrible.

    I started thinking what have I changed in my diet during this past year. Well, approximately one year ago my wife started to buy french vanilla Coffee Creamer for my coffee.

    Please do this!! GOOGLE Dangers of Splenda (SUCRALOSE) and the Dangers of Equal (ASPARTAME).

    It happens that the Coffee Creamer has SUCRALOSE! I stopped drinking it and in a couple of days, BAM! I just got my life back.

    I hope this helps you


    If it does, spread the word about the dangers of SUCRALOSE & ASPARTEME


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