A Shopping Day for Hubby

Yesterday hubby went to do some errands & shopping.  One purchase needed to be made yesterday or our points expire.  He called while he was out, he went to the wrong store.  Ok he said, guess I’m headed to the other place.  Other place is about 15 minutes away from where he already was.  Then he called and said “What’s worse than going to the wrong store?”  I said “Forgetting your wallet?”  Nope.  He didn’t have the rewards card with him.

I have to say I am surprised that he wasn’t all ticked off when he called.  He actually sounded calm.  Disgusted, yes.  But not mean.

So he came home, got it and headed back out – the store is a good 1/2 hour from our house.  A whole lot of running around.  A big pain in the neck it turned into, right?  Yep.  When he came back for the rewards card I expected him to be mean.  He came in the door, I handed him the card, he kinda rolled his eyes and made a face and left again.  Hope he’s not a total crab when he gets back.

The fact that he didn’t have the card with him is both of our faults I guess.  We only have one for this store and we have to share it and pass it back and forth.  It was in my wallet.  I didn’t think about that before he left.  Neither did he.  Since he is spending all of our “points” tonight, it is probably a good time to apply for a new card and start over so we can get a new set and both have one.  Somewhere along the way he lost his or threw his away or something.  We didn’t used to shop at this store much so it was an issue.  It just became an issue I think, don’t you?  lol


He wasn’t a crab when he got back.  He made a comment about us really needing to get 2 cards and then said he guessed it was all worth it because we saved a bunch of money.

REALLY?  How can this not have ticked him off and a half-eaten box of chocolates in the cupboard does ???

I’m glad he handled it well.  That’s awesome.  But I just don’t get it.

See, this is part of the problem.  There is no way of knowing when he will blow or what will set him off.  So you walk on eggshells.  Fun.


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