Bedtime Goal – I will try again :)

Well I wasn’t in bed by 10pm.  But I was close.  10:45.  That’s better than I have been doing.

I just couldn’t get there.   I did a load of laundry earlier in the evening – trying to wash away sick germs :)  I went down to hang the blankets etc right before heading up to bed.  They hadn’t wrung out.  Grrr.  Our washing machine takes these fits occasionally.   Usually if I just restart the spin cycle it works and I go on about my life.  So I did that.  And came back in a few minutes.  Still didn’t work.  I shifted all the stuff around in the washer in case it was unbalanced or something and tried again.  Nope.  So I had to just wring it all out by hand and hang it up.

Then ready to head to bed….. but not before Kids 3 gets up, he thinks he may puke again, so we sit in the bathroom together for a while.  Finally I can tuck him in and get to bed.  So it was pretty good.  Didn’t meet my goal but I was close.  That’s still counts :)

Anyway, I do feel a little better this am.  Kid3 only got up once last night.  Fever medicine about 2:30 am.  He slept in this morning and is eating more today.  Hopefully we’re on the up-swing.  Usually it passes to the other kids too of course.  So today I am washing bedding and lysol-ing everything :)  We have the windows cracked now trying to get some fresh air.

Gonna try my bedtime goal again tonight.  10:00 pm. I can do it!

There are lots of horrible things going on in the world right now.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactors overheating or something….  Feel silly to complain about my lack of sleep.  I cannot even imagine the grief that many are feeling right now.  So sorry.


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