We are sick :(

My family is sick. Kid3 missed 4 days of school last week! That is the longest any of my kids have ever been out of school. Hubby got it and laid on the couch all bundled up all weekend. He had a fever and chills and a million blankets on. A winter hat etc. We had an overnighter with the Girl Scouts this weekend and I made it through that, but just could not go to my nieces baby shower the next day. Made the m-i-l mad. But I just really needed to go to bed. I took a lot of motrin this weekend – that would get rid of my headache and fever pretty well. It has turned into a horrible cold now. Today, Kid3 went back to school and Kid2 stayed home. She started complaining of a headache yesterday afternoon and yep by 3am was up with the sweats and fever and sore throat.

This sickness is lasting longer than the usual flu. Usually in about 3 days you’re good to go again. Kid3 had a fever for 7 days and is still hacking. I wish that was gone but we sent him to school with a hacking cough and a pocket full of cough drops this morning. I took some cold med this am and am trying to get motivated for work. Hubby actually took the night off from work last night. He’s snoozing on one couch right now, Kid2 is on the other.

Luckily, so far Kid1 just seems to have a cold. No fever yet for her and she is praying it stays away. She has a very important birthday party to attend on Friday :)

So, hopefully this cold medicine will kick in for me and I can get going. It’s hard to be the mom and be sick. I could really use a sick day! Happy Spring everyone!


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