Geocaching & Trying to Be a Fun Mom.

We have been geocaching lately. It is fun!

I think we need a better GPS or something cuz it doesn’t seem to get us right there and we have to look & look to find it. It always says something stupid like “27 foot accuracy”. That is stupid. 27 foot radius in the woods looking for a hidden little box. Not easy.  My kids & I are enjoying that together :)

I thought we were having a blast lately.

And then Kid2 said I’m not fun anymore.  She’s 11.

Never mind that the day before I had taken her shopping and bought her new clothes (she LOVES shopping!) and took her to Red Lobster (which she didn’t want to do at first but then loved). Never mind that I spent the last 2 weeks planning and carrying out the cooking badge for her GS troop – and even had a cake decorator lady come in and teach them stuff.  The girls loved that – lots of sugar :)  Doesn’t that make me a cool mom? It’s like they forget everything except what has happened in the last hour and base their opinion on that.

Guess that should make me feel better. That means I get a new shot in the next hour right?

It would be great to not have to work. It would be great to be like it used to be – Spend all day just doing things with the kids, around the house, creative things, crafts.  Even though they were younger , I had more time!  My house was organized, clean, I really was a fun mom. I planned all sorts of creative, crafty things and did them with my kids. Now, I feel like I just rush through my day, trying to get as much done as possible. I never actually catch up though. And even when I do have time with my kids, I am thinking of the other things I need to do. Or we are bored because I don’t ever have time to plan those creative fun things anymore.

I will do better!  I really want to be present and enjoy this time with my kids!


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