Happy April Fool’s Day

My kids decided to play a prank on their dad.

He chews tobacco. We wish he didn’t. The other day my son came home from school with one of these cans of beef jerky that looks just like a can of chew. Yuk. To me, that’s just like those candy cigarettes. Double yuk.

Anyway, we were talking about this and I made the comment that I wish beef jerky was all that was in daddy’s chew cans too. So Kid3 had a great idea to dump hubby’s cans in the garbage and fill them with jerky instead……..

Well, I know this is not a great idea really because hubby would just get mad and buy more. And I would hate that he is spending more money on it.

So then the kids decide they won’t really throw it away, just replace his cans with cans of the jerky and wait for his confusion. They are thrilled. Then they decide that they should also empty his open cans and put some rootbeer barrels in them instead. But we didn’t throw the chew away, we saved it in little baggies. Ick.

So they very secretly (but loudly – no idea how they did not get caught!) made the switch.

So far, hubby has found one can with root beer barrels in it. And they thought it was hilarious. Honestly they kinda gave it away because they were cracking up before he even figured it out. He just kept looking at it trying to figure out what it was…. Took him a while to say something. But it was funny and they are thrilled that they “got him”.

Wait until he grabs a can from his stash on his way out the door to go to work. If he doesn’t figure it out that its really jerky before he gets there, he could be quite the grumpy bear by the end of his shift!

(I would NEVER have done this to my dad. I was scared to death of my dad. So it’s neat to see that my kids are not. That makes me smile.)


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