Parent – Teacher Conference Success :)

Yea, I made it. I knew I would. Just have to stress about it first unfortunately.

Grade school conferences were a breeze. Hubby went too. I got to gabbing with one of the teachers and mentioned that we were heading to the high school next. She laughed and said she had just canceled her appointment. Her daughter is in 8th grade and she HATES the team conferences too. Great. This was not helpful to hear! lol I asked if she had any advice for me. She said “Stand your ground.” Nice.

Hubby went home and I headed to the high school. Yep. He asked if I cared if he went, I told him it was fine either way. He wasn’t sure I really meant it was OK for him to bail so I explained to him about how I sometimes feel stronger on my own in these situations anyway. That’s all he needed to hear and he was out of there. lol I actually was hoping it would happen that way.

So I signed in and headed up to wait my turn. It came quick. Conferences were held in the very small upstairs faculty lounge. Very small. Like an 8×8 room. With 6 teachers at sitting around the table and 2 empty chairs right inside the door. Yep, 6 teachers. Ha. One was a student teacher, but still. The english teacher & I email pretty regularly so it was nice to see her there. I have only met the others one time at the beginning of the school year. Ugh. Here we go I thought.

So they each took a turn talking about Kid1 and telling me how awesome she is. Truly. A joy to have in class. Always ready & willing to participate and answer questions. Just a fun, happy person. On & on. Guess maybe that made this whole thing easier. I already know she is awesome of course but it makes you feel good to hear it from others :)

She is struggling in math & science. Those 2 teachers had some other things to say as well. But they were very helpful & kind and offered some real solutions and actions we could take to help her. It was a positive conference to be sure.

There was only one point in that meeting where I got worried about the panic monster. The geography teacher is really kinda droney. Is that a word? I think he would totally put me to sleep in class! Anyway, he was telling me about an assignment that she just completed and I got kinda uncomfortable making eye contact with him. His story just seemed to take FOREVER. And I think that awkwardness, and being uncomfortable started a tinge of anxiety. I got hot and took off my coat. I was fidgeting in my chair. I was worried they could all see right through me and knew what I was feeling. But it passed. I pretended to dig in my purse for a pen to make a note of something he said. Ha. Like I would wanted to take notes on his story! But I needed an excuse for the distraction. I was trying hard to distract myself from the anxiety feeling and not to be rude to him. That’s very hard to do with 6 teachers looking at you! I hope they didn’t think I was rude.

I made it. It will be easier next time. So that’s progress. Another battle won in my war on panic attacks.

(Oh & for the record, yes I did take ativan about an hour before the conferences. Honestly I probably will next time too. But maybe the time after that I will only take 1/2 an ativan. And then just maybe I won’t need any the time after that. After all, Kid3 is only in second grade. There are still quite a few years of parent teacher conferences ahead of me! )


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