I would have listened.

I have been asking him to quit swearing for almost 17 years.  (Our 17 year anniversary is in a few weeks.)

Ok, now I probably didn’t really care about that until we had kids – that was 4 years in.  So, correction –

I have been asking him to quit swearing for 13 years.

I promise you that if he had been asking me to stop doing something for 13 years, I would have listened.

Seriously, if something I did bugged him so much that he continued to ask me to knock it off for 13 years……  I would have stopped it!

13 years!  Are you kidding me?  How can he not get how much it bugs me?  No way, right?  So that means he knows and just doesn’t care.  That sucks even more than not knowing.

The man cannot even have a conversation without saying at least one swear word.  In front of whoever happens to be there.

Right now he has some R rated movie cranked up in the living room while the kids are having easter egg hunts.  All sorts of beautiful words blaring into our home.  Come on, that’s not cool.


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