Can I please win the lottery?

Pretty pretty please.

I don’t even play.  So I guess that question is irrelevant.  But I love to dream about how my life would be if I DID win it.

I need a distraction today.

Security for my Family:
This is the most important thing the millions would provide.  Security for my family.  For my kids!  Can you imagine not having to worry about having enough money for something ever again.  Can you imagine just paying your bills and not having to stress about it?  Ahh, that’s the dream right there!

But wait there’s more!   ha

Home Improvements:
Yea, I don’t plan to move when I win my millions.    (Well unless my marriage crumbles to the ground, but lets assume that all is well for this post – it’s happy day-dreaming :)

  • Huge beautiful back porch with a hot tub, new grill, firepit, and a nice wicker furniture set.  
  • A garage for hubby.
  • New carpet in this house.
  • Addition for what I call a Family Dining Area – a nice big addition on the back of the house – big enough to put a huge table with lots of chairs so that everyone can have a nice place to sit when we have the family over for get-togethers.  I imagine my kids and their families all coming over someday…
  • Addition to make the living room larger.
  • A maid.  This would definitely be a home improvement!
  • Have the basement “finished” and create a second living room type room down there.  Picture the perfect kid hangout.  (This is on our to-do list now – but we are lacking in the time & money department.)

Other Stuff I would buy:

  • A truck for hubby.
  • A big screen TV.
  • A new stove – we are still using the used one we bought when we got married almost 17 years ago.  We paid $50 for it.  :)
  • A new washing machine & dryer!  Oh yea!
  • A new microwave – that thing has been trying to die for months.  Every once in a while it stops and I think I can finally justify buying a new one.  But, if you just let it sit a while, it will come back to life.  It won’t die!
  • Ooh – always wanted a fridge with the water dispenser in the door!

Community – I live in a very small community.  My family moved here when I was in 5th grade.  It’s one of those towns you both love & hate at the same time.  You hate it because everyone knows your business.  You love it because everyone knows your business.  It is a nosy, busybody type town with lots of rumors flying around.  It is a loving supportive community that does whatever it can to pull together and help each other in their times of need.  Like I said:  LOVE & HATE the place.

Our town is struggling.  The school just made tons of cuts because of funding problems.  Our library struggles every month to stay open.  I would give generously to my town.

Family – Yes I would give lots of money to my family.  As much as I can, as much as they needed.  I would be thrilled to be able to help them.

WAKE UP!  …..  back to reality ……..


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