Our Anniversary is Tomorrow.

17 Years.  Wow.

Entry Date:  Monday – May 2nd

Our Anniversary is Thursday

Do I get him something?  What on earth do I get him?  Apparently furniture if the suggested “official” gift for 17th anniversaries.  That’s stupid.

A few interesting ideas here…… 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 

I think the gift suggestions would probably change too if your marriage is on the rocks.

I guess we just keep on keepin on…. like all is well.  I have no idea.  He may or may not get me something.  He may or may not remember.  He may or may not care.  He may or may not be easy to get along with that day.  All this uncertainty sucks.  I think I will get him something small and be ready.  But you know what?!  If he doesn’t bring it up or even remember, I am not.  No way, nuh uh.  Is that being stupid and playing games? I prefer to call it self-preservation.

Too many past years have been like this:

Me: hand him an anniversary gift, or card, or just say “Happy Anniversary.”
Him: “Oh, Shit.”

Don’t care to repeat that.  Ever again.

Always expect the worst, and you will never be disappointed.

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Entry Date:  Wednesday – May 4th

Our anniversary is tomorrow.  I wasn’t going to bring it up and just see what happens.  Well, silly me.  Yesterday he was looking at the calendar and started “o my goshing” about how Thursday is our anniversary – 17 years!  Can you believe it – o my gosh 17 years!  Very funny actually.  VERY NICE that he remembered.  Hilarious how he was making a big deal about it to the kids.  So now it’s out there and yes, he did remember.  Yay :)

We got an anniversary card in the mail today from my mom.  That was nice.  More on that later….

This morning we were talking about what we should do tomorrow.  He said he’d be happy going to Subway.  lol  Actually, I’d be thrilled to go get chinese.  We are not fancy people.  No surprise there.  ha.   We didn’t really make any plans.  He has to work tonight (3rd shift).  Who knows how he’ll feel in the am.  He mentioned maybe going for breakfast instead.  We’ll wait and see and hopefully do something together to celebrate this momentous occasion.  :)


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  1. thisbrokenhearthashope
    May 06, 2011 @ 16:25:40

    I’m so glad he ended up remembering! :-)


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