Lovey Dovey Couples Make Me Want To Puke.

Sorry, that’s a lie.

Lovey dovey couples make me so freakin jealous.

That’s the truth.

lovey-dovey (luv′ē duv′ē)
Slang:very affectionate, amorous, or sentimental

The track meet went very well.  Kid2 got 3rd place in the 800m and 5th in the 400m.  Yay.  Big event, lots of competition.  I’m proud of her.  I had a few moments when I was uneasy in the bleachers but nothing worth gabbing about really.  So that’s good news.  The whole family was there for a while.  The track meet started at 8am, was over about 2:30.  Long day in the sun.  But fun.  Kid3 had a ball game today too, so hubby and I did the old divide and conquer thing again.  Hubby and kid3 were there for about 2 hours this morning, then left for his game.

Here’s whats on my mind today:

Happily married couples.  I want it SO bad.

At track meets, there is a lot of waiting around time.  Waiting for your kid’s events to begin.  Lots of waiting.  We sat near some old friends.  Hadn’t seen them in quite a while so that was nice.

This couple gets along so freakin well.  They have been married maybe a year or two longer than hubby and I – so let’s say 19 years.  They talked to one another so easily.  They adore each other, you can tell.  They were walking around holding hands.  They sat with his arm around her.  At one point she put her feet out in front of her on their cooler to tan them, and he did the same.  She rubbed sunblock on his ears while he smiled.   She was hungry so she went to the concession stand and got herself some fruit.  She got him the same.  He sighed and said “She insists I eat this stuff.”  And they kissed.  Sounds too good to be true right?  Yea.  But it was real.

I will just never have that with my hubby.  Not even close.  We do not have easy conversations.  About anything.  I would not put sunblock on him.  He would scowl at me.   If I put my feet on the cooler he would not do the same, he would probably comment that I should not put my feet near our food.  ha.  It was too hot for anyone to have their arm on me, that would have annoyed me.  lol  But you get the picture.

The thing that I want the most?  The easy conversation.  They just get each other.  It is like they are in sync.  I want that so bad.



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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thisbrokenhearthashope
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 17:52:36

    I want that someday too. I don’t have the opposite, I just have nothing. But wouldn’t it be nice!


  2. Jill
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 15:58:44

    I learned a long time ago not to compare other couples with us. It only serves to make me feel like crap. I can work towards a better relationship and honestly our marriage is better than it was years ago. But if I go and try to compare us to couples like the friends of yours at the game, I only end up feeling mad at my husband. Because it is all his fault right ;) ?


  3. Laura
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 19:16:18

    I TOTALLY know what you mean. When I see that I often feel a tiny pang of envy and I wish I had that too.

    While I try not to play the comparison game, in some respects I do find it necessary to watch other couples so I can keep in mind what is fair and reasonable to want and/or expect in a relationship. It is because of this that I have come to realize (rightly so) how dysfunctional my own relationship is. If it wasn’t for watching others, I might still be stuck in the fog of confusion. So I think it can help in some ways to see how other couples interact and recognize that what you have is not what you want, and that possibly what you have is not healthy. (FYI: I am only speaking to my own particular set of circumstances – not trying to label yours as unhealthy).

    Then there’s the other part of me, the family law paralegal part, that says: just because someone else’s life looks like sunshine and roses doesn’t mean it is. You would’t believe how many people’s lives look so perfect and then they wind up in our office getting a divorce. Looks certainly aren’t everything so we shouldn’t be jealous of what we see that appears to be perfect.

    Ok, rambling on as usual there was my two cents. Or twenty.


  4. toughwords
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 22:27:33

    Hi guys. Just some easy conversation is all I am asking for. Yes, that would be wonderful! We just completely mis-read each other constantly. I am so tired of having to explain myself again and again. He thinks I meant something that I absolutely did not and then says he doesnt’ want to hear my “excuses” when I try to explain what I actually DID mean. It just never ends. I don’t know how we would ever get to being “lovey dovey”. Ha! We can;t even have a simple conversation. So frustrating!


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