Things I love to do that I never do?

I can’t remember where I read it… another blogger was making a list of things that she loves to do, but hasn’t done in a long time.  I thought it was a neat idea.

Read – I used to love to read for fun.  Now I only read self help books.  Hmmm….  How did I get so broken?

Wow. Am I so boring that reading is the first thing that comes to mind!?!?

I used to play volleyball.  I was good at it.  I really have no desire to do that now though.  And not sure I really LOVE it either.

What do I like to DO?  I am having a horrible time even thinking of things I like to do!

Who knows.  I do what is needed.

I am a wife, mom, employee (among other things).  I do what I need to do.

Someday I will have time for the things I love to do…..not now.  Right now my 3 kids keep me busy.

That’s it!  I love to hang out with my kids.  I do that every day.  Guess I’m doing just fine :)


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