A Letter, Not a List!

OK.  I just re-read my post about starting my list to give to hubby.   Hmm, sounds like I am making a list of demands.  That was not my intention.  I was trying to pare down my letter to him – and just make the basic, most important points.  It is clear that his 3rd shift job is in the way of so many of the things that I am missing.  And I truly feel like that is the MAIN reason he has been so miserable.  Either that or it’s just me!  So, let’s blame it on the lack of sleep.

Even the title of that post makes me a little sick.  I am writing him a letter, not an ultimatum list.  I want to tell him how I feel about so many things that have been happening in our marriage. I want him to get that this is serious and that our marriage needs some TLC pretty darn quick.   I don’t want to hand him a to do list, which would immediately put him on the defensive and I’m sure have the complete opposite effect.

Anyway, starting over!


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