Underwater Tunnel

OK.  This is eating away at me.  Next Saturday we are going to OBX.  Unless Storms Lee and Katia don’t want us to that is…..  I love the beach.  Hubby is not going this year.  That’s fine.  Good actually – I think it will be good for us to have a break from each other.

BUT…  that means I have to do all the driving myself  AND THERE IS AN UNDERWATER TUNNEL that I hated even as a passenger.

Oh my gosh.  Bring on the panic attack!  I am already dreading it and trying to figure out how to work around it.  I hope I relax about it before we go.  I might – I’ve been on edge and hormonal for a few days and that always increases my anxiety.  So these anxious thoughts may pass soon.  Ugh.

I was even tempted to ask hubby to come – just so he could drive through the blasted tunnel.  And we all know I don’t really want him to come!  lol

I did look on Google maps and there is an alternate route – I think – a little bit longer – but I could go over a big long bridge instead of through that tunnel.  Am I right?  Anyone know?  It really sucks that I have myself stressing about this already.

As for now, the plan is this:  Go.  Take an ativan approximately an hour before we get to the tunnel.  Have a backup plan with the alternate route in case I’m still stressing about it.   If it takes longer, it takes longer.  Ugh.

I hope I can conquer this.  I will try hard.  But honestly, when it comes right down to it… is it worth risking a panic attack in the middle of an underground tunnel with my kids in the car?  That wouldn’t be safe for anyone – us or the other drivers.  Is there a place in the tunnel to pull off the road if I need to?  I doubt it.

Who knows, after driving umpteen hours, I may be feeling very confident and it will be easy.  That would be awesome.

I don’t know.  Just thinking out loud here.


Turns out there are quite a few videos on Youtube of people driving through that tunnel.  I think I may just use that and look at it repeatedly until I’m no longer freaked out.  And I can also tell you now that there is definitely not a place to pull over in that tunnel.  Seems weird to me.  What if someone’s car broke down?  Traffic would come to a halt.  There is a walkway with a railing along the side – that is no good to me!  ha.  Oh and those high cement walls that I love?  Yep – imagine that – only REALLY high when you are going down into the tunnel.

Oh I’m so nuts right now!  Ha.  Maybe it is good to get it out now.  Maybe I’ll be over it by the time I get there.  Fingers crossed and praying hard!


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