Oh.. And about that Tunnel….

So I was stressing about driving through the underwater tunnel.  And then as a backup plan, I found an alternate route so that I could avoid the tunnel altogether.  I felt better.

Last year hubby drove us all home from OBX in the middle of the night to avoid some traffic.  It was awesome.  And so much quicker.  I started thinking about that and it sounded like so much more fun than being stuck in traffic all day Saturday.  Actually I don’t think the OBX traffic was going to be that bad since it is officially off-season now.  But I still liked the idea of driving all night better anyway.

SO I stayed up late Thursday night and then took 1/2 a Tylenol PM Friday after the kids left for school.  I only slept about 3 hours and then was wide awake.  Go figure.  Other days I could have easily slept all day!  SO then in the evening we packed all up, and as soon as Kid1 got home from the football game & dance we left. It was midnight.

My plan was just to see how it went and see how far I could drive before being too tired.  I expected to stop for the night at a hotel room after a few hours.  I took one of hubby’s pepsi maxes and drank that.  I don’t do good with extra caffeine so I have never had one of those before.  It last me the whole 8. hour trip.  LOL  I just sipped it occasionally.  I think it really helped though!  lol

I drove the whole way and we got to OBX about 8:30 am.  WooHoo!  I was so happy we didn’t have to stay at a hotel.  It wasn’t too hard actually.

And the tunnel… Yea the tunnel was a BIG motivator for me!  That tunnel is about 6 hours from our home.  I was determined to drive through that tunnel.  I didn’t want to have to avoid it and continue to fear it.  And really that was a big part of my decision to drive in the middle of the night.  I figured there would be very little traffic at that time and I would be able to do it.  I could picture myself driving though it in the middle of the night with just a few cars around.  I couldn’t even picture it in my head at all when I tried to think about driving through there in the daylight with more traffic.  So I was determined.

And I did it.  And it was pretty easy.  The kids were awake and excited about it and that made it easier for me to have a more positive view of it.  And I decided to fake it until I made it and enjoy it too.  And it worked and it was just fine.

I did have some ativan in me on the trip.  I didn’t start off with any and I was hoping I wouldn’t need it.  But after a big ole’ coffee and some pepsi max – I felt very on edge and jumpy.  So I took it because I didn’t want to get myself all worked up and end up avoiding the tunnel.

Kid 1 even videotaped us going through the tunnel  :)

Yay me!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 17:40:13

    Yay you!!!! That’s great.


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