The Story of My Happy Happy Guy

This is a quick story of the day hubby announced that he was going to be a “happy happy guy” from now on.  This was Sept 26th actually.  The day after I wrote all about the fight we had and howhe never wants to be a goody two-shoes guy.  Maybe that was a better conversation than I thought?  Somehow perhaps it was a turning point for him.  I felt alone and pretty hopeless after that discussion.  Maybe all that time he spent hiding in the garage that weekend gave him time to think?  I have no idea.  The man is a mystery.

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He got home from work about 7:45 am – just like always.  The usual routine is that he comes in, maybe says hello to everyone depending on his mood, watches the weather for about 10 minutes and takes kid2 & kid3 to the bus stop.  Then he either goes and plays with his tractors or he goes to bed.

Today when he came up the basement steps – He said “Hi!” so very happily.  Kid2 said “Wow Dad,  you’re happy!”.  He said that from now on he was gonna be a happy happy guy.  And he means it.  I thought “Smart ass.”  Kid2 told him to knock it off cuz it was weird.  Ha.  He said no, he meant it.  And he looked me in the eyes and smiled.  Hmmm……  I have been tricked by this man before……

So he asked me what I was going to do today.  Work.  Ok – but do you have time to run around with me a while first?  Ummmm…. ok.

(That was weird #1 – he invited me to come along on his run to the parts store. We rarely go anywhere together – just the 2 of us.)

So kids went to school, we got ready and went to a few stores.  Mainly we were trying to find the hot tub parts he needs.  Then we grabbed some yummy chicken salads to go, stopped at one last store and came home. It was nice.  We talked.  We smiled.  We laughed.  It was more than nice.  It was awesome.

(Weird #2 – it just isn’t ever easy to talk to each other anymore, but today it was.)

He put his hand on my leg in the car.  That used to be a regular occurrence.  Lately – not so much.  Nice :)

(Weird #3 – Some affection from the man? )

We enjoyed each others company today. 

Thank you Lord. 



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