Printing it out for Hubby

Remember I said I wanted to print out my Crying on Christmas post and give it to hubby to read because I just want him to understand better?  I want him to get it!  We talked about that during our recent discussions.

Me: “You know how I used to write in my diary?  Well now I type it all out on my computer.”

Hubby: “Yikes.  Bet there is some good stuff in that.”

Me: “Yea… good and bad.  Sometimes I just want to print it out and make you read it so you understand me better.”

I can’t remember his response to that!  Seriously I need to pay better attention.  These conversations are all kinda blurring together though.  I do know he said something that indicated that he would actually read it and didn’t hate the idea.  lol

So I am really thinking about doing that.  I copied that post into word and have edited it to change anything that makes it look like a blog post instead of a journal entry.  I haven’t printed it out yet.  Not sure I trust that this nice guy hubby is here to stay.  But I am ready should the opportunity present itself.  If he is receptive to it I will give it to him.


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