Our Side Porch: Roof Construction

Combining past posts about the side porch into one….

We’ve wanted to build a side porch for quite a while now.  Hubby is the king of procrastination when it comes to home improvement projects.  He’s not lazy.  He’s a perfectionist.  He gets “paralyzed by perfection”.  What I mean by that is he has to have it all completely figured out in his head before he starts a project.  And being a perfectionist, having the perfect plan is important and almost impossible.

We decided last winter that we were going to finally build a side porch this summer.  I started dreaming of a hot tub.

We lived in a trailer for 2 years while we saved money & built our house on this property.  The side porch that we had was the old porch from our trailer.  It was supposed to be temporary.   That was 12 years ago.  lol  It is ugly & falling apart.  (And it won’t hold a hot tub!)

Before Pic - Side Porch

So we got an estimate for the cement base and once we got over our initial sticker shock, they got started.


So then we got estimates for a roof.  People are insane.  Seriously!  One was $6800 and the other estimate was $7300.  For a roof.  Umm…. no.  I don’t know what the heck they were planning to do for all the money.  We want a simple roof.  So now we are doing it ourselves.  Those prices sure motivated hubby let me tell you!  lol  My father-in-law had back surgery a few months ago and is still having a lot of pain.  He is normally the one that would do this type of stuff with hubby.  I told him I would help of course.  I’m a country girl – I can stand on a ladder and use a drill.  So that is what we have been doing.  I even put a few lag bolts in yesterday.  :)   If we hadn’t started getting along, I can tell you for sure that we would not be tackling this project together.  That is for certain!  It’s been going pretty well.  Kids even helped yesterday and were quite proud.

Porch Roof Construction 10/14/11

Yes, that is a hot tub on the porch :)  It is not hooked up yet.  We bought it used, scrubbed it out good, hooked it up and there were a bunch of leaks.  Ha.  Hubby ordered new gaskets etc and now it is just waiting for him to have time.  The roof has taken priority.  He said there is no way he could sit  in the hot tub and relax while looking at the unfinished porch work waiting for him.

I am thrilled that we are actually doing this.  It’s been in our plan for several years now.  Picture the finished porch….  Roof, Hot tub, Grill, Table, Chairs, Candles, Friend, Family, Good Food, Wine :)

We have a fire pit in another part of our yard that we plan to move near the porch also.  We spend a lot of time at the fire pit on summer evenings.  I think we are going to give away a swing set that the kids have outgrown and put it there.  So exciting!

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