A Cedar Chest

I have wanted a cedar chest for a very long time.  Like forever.  My mom always had one at the foot of her bed and I remember the wonderful cedar smell when we would open it to get out the winter blankets.  It brings back good memories.

It has been no secret that I wanted one for a long time.  I price them occasionally and talk about them when I see one in a sale flyer or something.  There is a antique store near us that sometimes has them. Well maybe it’s just a junk store.  Whatever you want to call it.  It has used treasures.  We purchased a dresser there for hubby a few years ago.  It is beautiful – real wood, dove tail construction, deep drawers, with a beautiful finish.  It’s hard to find decent furniture now-a-days unless you pay a fortune for it and that is not in our budget.  So I love this store.  (And I like to refinish furniture so it’s also a fun hobby :)

We also just bought my son a wardrobe there.  We replaced his dresser with a wardrobe.  No hanging rod, just shelves and 2 drawers at the bottom.  My hope is that he can manage it better and keep it neater than he did his dresser.  I thought the shelves would be work better for him.  And of course it has doors that close to hide the shelves anyway.  It’s working pretty well. Now I want to get Kid1 a wardrobe too – her dresser is always a terrible mess!

Way off the point…..

Hubby bought me a cedar chest!!  It was a complete surprise.  We saw it when we got the wardrobe for my son.  Of course I looked at it but didn’t say much.  Kid1 and I went somewhere and while we were gone hubby and the 2 other kids went and picked it up.  They brought it up to the bedroom and just waited for me to see it.

I was so surprised.  Seriously, like I was confused.   I cried. Yep, I actually cried over a cedar chest :)  Really I cried because my hubby has not done something like that in a REALLY long time.  REALLY long.  It is beautiful.  But the fact that he cared enough and made an effort like that is even more beautiful.

One of my prized possessions is my bath robe.  It is white with pink & red roses on it.  Shortly after hubby & I got married he bought it for me.  It was a surprise too.   We were sitting on the couch, watching TV and I was looking through the mail.  I saw the robe in a catalog and commented about how nice it was.  That was it.  We were living in a trailer at that time and being as frugal as could be, trying to save money to build our house.  It came in the mail shortly after that.  I still have it and use it and love it.

My main love language is Words of Affection.  My second love language is Receiving Gifts.  So this was very awesome to me.

Hubby doesn’t do stuff like that.  He just doesn’t.  (Well, maybe once every 15 years ;)

That’s why it is so special.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trish
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 10:02:35

    That is the best!!! I would have cried, too, I’m sentimental like that also!


  2. Rambling Man
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 10:20:06

    I think that is awesome! I hope it creates memories for your kids like your mother’s did for you.


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