Overthinkers Anonymous

Hello.  My name is Zoe and I am an over-thinker.

We had Thanksgiving dinner today at my mom’s house.  I wasn’t feeling particularly anxious this morning but was thinking about the details of it way too much.  I was expecting to be anxious later at the get-together.  Before we left I sat on our front porch trying to breath in some cold, fresh air to soothe my nerves, and I thought about how silly it was that I was completely over-thinking the day ahead of me.  I wondered why I do that.  Then I thought “Hmm.  I’ll have to think about that later.”

Did you get that?  I needed to think about why I think about stuff so much.  Ugh.  My plan was to type it all out and figure out why I think about things so much.  To do this after kids were in bed and hubby had left for work.  Yep, I scheduled a time for myself to think about why I overthink things so much.

The thoughts racing through my mind this morning were these kinds of things:

This is our first get-together at mom’s new house.  Where will we all sit?  Is there room in the kitchen for an extra table?  Will she set up a table in the living room?  Oh my gosh – the living room is so hot!  The wood burner made that room so hot when we were there last week!  If I have to sit near the wood burner I’ll just die.  I hate to be hot.  I better not wear that long sleeved shirt, I need to wear something cooler.  I’ll wear that new blouse, it’s very lightweight.  I hope there will be enough table space for everyone to sit.  Hubby really hates it when he has to sit on a couch or somewhere to eat when we go to these family functions.  Then he’ll be grumpy.  I’ll just go sit on the porch.  Then he can have my seat and I can be cooler outside.  I’ll just tell them I have a headache or something and the cool air feels good.  Sis-in-law’s parents are coming too.  I can’t remember her dad’s name.  What if I call him the wrong name.  Maybe he won’t remember my name either.  Her mom is nice.  But kinda psycho from all the stories I’ve heard.  I hope she acts normal today.  I hope she doesn’t pick a fight with sis-in-law.  That would really make everyone uncomfortable.  I’ll just  go outside.  Her dad is a talker.  Last time he talked my ear off about some policy that Pres. Bush created and was now dying under the Obama administration.  He’ll ask me questions!  I hate when he asks me those political questions and puts me on the spot.  I think he just likes a good debate.  I don’t like it.  Hopefully I won’t need to sit by him.  Oh my God.  I’ll end up sitting right next to him by the wood burner!  ….

and so on…..

Unfortunately I ended up taking an ativan just because I planned to be anxious later!  yuk.

And of course the day was fine.  Very fun actually.  We all fit in the kitchen – nobody sat near the wood burner.  It wasn’t too hot in the house.  I didn’t sit next to sis-in-laws dad and her mom was lovely today.  I wore a light-weight shirt and I was comfortable.  We did go out on the porch but as a group, not just me.  Of course it was fine.  :)

I thought I made up a new term – “Overthinkers Anonymous”.  Turns out I didn’t :)  Ha.  Just google it and you will see.  There is even a facebook page although I think it is kinda a joke page.

Here it is in the urban dictionary: Overthinker

Here is an article on LifeHack:  How to stop being an overthinker

And wow.  Here is abook on amazon about overthinking: Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life
(added that one to my amazon wish list!)

So no, I didn’t come up with that term.  But I am a master over-thinker!  I think all Anxiety / Panic attack sufferers are.  We think about things  WAY too much and scare ourselves to death about things that may possibly happen to us in the future.  It is really ridiculous.  I want to be able to let all that stuff go and just be a happy-go-lucky kind of person.  That would be so great.  I’ll have to think about how I can do that….



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  2. Judi
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 17:23:47

    I am an over thinker too. Lately….maybe it’s age…i have been better. I find that wine helps too. I know that is why i like a glass of wine. My mind settles and i feel less anxious. After reading your blog i am realizing that i have anxiety issues. I just never called it that. When i have to wait in line it kills me!! i figured everyone was that way but i am guessing not. Age does seem to help….something you can look forward too. LOL


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