Parent Teacher Conferences in One Hour

Here we go again.

I just love parent teacher conferences!  Not.

I can do it.

First is the math teacher to discuss my daughter’s lack of algebra skills.

Then my son’s teacher.  This will be fine, hopefully I will hear that he is doing better and not asking to go to the nurse every single day.  He did that for quite a while, trying to wrangle his way home.

Then my middle daughter’s teacher.  This will be fun.  The teacher is Kid2’s BFF’s mom and a good friend of mine.  And Kid2 is like a star pupil, so I don’t expect any bad news.

Then, my girls & I are going shopping.

Good day ahead.

Gotta get the nerves under control and get on with it.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rambling Man
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 08:46:58

    So, how did the conferences go?


  2. snarkatussin
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 23:40:48

    How were they?

    I had my conferences the same night, but was really excited to talk to all of the parents of my students!

    I hope it went well and that things are starting to pick up :).


  3. Zoe
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 10:26:51

    Hi. The conferences were pretty good. I don’t dislike the math teacher so very much anymore! ha. He was actually very aware of the problems Kid1 has been having and we discussed a lot of ways to help her. I told him she seems to know the steps but doesn’t get WHY she is doing them. And with math, each ? is different so that doesn’t really work. And guess what? On Wednesday he went over each ? on the last test with the class step by step. In her notes it said “What I did” and “Why I did it.” And when we did HW that night it was like she finally got it! AND then on Friday she had a chapter test and this morning I looked at her grades online and she got 20/25! WooHoo! (See? All he had to do was actually TEACH them! Did I say that? Sorry! lol)

    Oh – and I went to the conferences by myself, no hubby – and I calm, cool, and collected. No panic attack in site. Yay me.


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