My credit card info was stolen

I was just informed by a retailer that my credit card information was stolen and that I should take steps to protect myself.

I appreciate their call.  They said the hacker broke into their system and stole this info within the past 3 weeks.  He was able to download info from all sales in the past 6 months.  I bought a few shirts back in August.

And here’s the worst part. I used my debit card.

I’ve already had the lecture from my brother about never using bank account info online.  ALWAYS use credit cards – never debit cards, they have more protection, and insurance, and your whole bank account won’t be drained, and….

I get it.  I do know better.  I try hard not to use credit cards though so I guess that is why I still do it.

I won’t do it anymore.

A few years ago someone stole my mastercard info.  There were a bunch of bogus charges on my statement for pizza places in a state far far away.  Happily the credit card company cancelled that card and all those charges.  It was kinda freaky though.  Just think about it.  What other information do people know about me?  Where did they steal that info from?  The credit card company said that I don’t even want to know about all the stuff that these thieves do and know.

So what now?  I called the bank.  I just need to get a new debit card.  I don’t need to cancel the whole account.  Quite a few of my bills autopay using that debit account though so it is gonna be a pain to change all that.


Yep.  I have to go into the bank tomorrow and sign for a new card.  I have not been in that bank for over a year.  I just always use the drive-thru.  That was hard enough to conquer after the panic monster attacked me 4 years ago.  Last time I was actually in the bank I was changing account owners on a Girl Scout account with 3 other ladies.  4 of us plus the banker lady crowded into her small office.  It sucked.  IT WAS SO HARD.

Panic attacks galore. 

Sadly I am more angry at these thieves for making me go into the bank than for stealing my info!

Talking to Myself:

“You are much better now than a year ago!  You can do this!  You will aready have ativan in your system anyway since you are taking Kid1 to the dentist tomorrow.  It’ll be easy.  You can probably just do this at the counter and won’t have to go into one of the little offices. Be strong.”

And you know what else?  Now I am mad at myself too for even having stupid thoughts about freaking out just cuz I have to go into the bank.  How dumb is that!  So now some evil genius hacker somewhere has triggered all this anxiety in me.  And that makes me madder.

I need to go get on the treadmill and blow off some of this building tension!


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  1. Jill
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 14:53:03

    Aw Zoe that stinks so bad. I hope you get it all sorted out and keep that debit card tucked far far away. I never knew that about debit cards, so thanks for the heads up.

    As for the bank, listen to yourself!! You know you can do it. If you have to go into an office, stay in the moment, breathe, float past the feelings, and tell yourself before going in; “ok, this may take 15 minutes Tops- I can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes.”

    Please let us know how it goes!!


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