A Hug in the Kitchen

Years ago, hubby was always sneaking up behind me in the kitchen.  I’d get a hug from behind while I was washing dishes.  Or I’d get groped while cooking.  lol  He thought it was great fun.  It drove me nuts!  And I told him to knock it off many, many times.  He didn’t care if the kids were in the room or not and that irritated me even more.

I don’t know exactly when that stopped, but it did.  Just like so many other things in our marriage.

Somehow we lost so much over the years.  We almost lost each other.

I recently got one of those kinds of hugs in the kitchen.

The first one in a very very very very long time.

It hit me hard.  It made me feel so loved.  And at the same time the realization that something as simple as a hug in the kitchen meant so much…. well it was overwhelming.

It’s not a very interesting story but I will tell it anyway.   He was at the table watching Kid3 play Animal Jam on the computer when I came downstairs that morning.  I have a cold & cough that I can’t seem to shake.  I was coughing and hacking.  Lovely, right?

I went to the cupboard to get a mug to make some tea and he came up behind me.  He said “There’s hacky.  Good morning.” And hugged me and rested his chin on my shoulder for a minute.  I layed my head back on his shoulder and we just stayed there for a moment.   I gotta tell you I wanted to jump his bones right then and there.  Nice choice of words I know.  Words from my teenage years :)

It’s the little things that mean so much! 

Now hopefully he won’t start groping me in the kitchen again, at least not in front of the kids.  They are much older now, they would notice.  Ha.

But I promise I will never again tell that man not to hug me.  Ever.

No, this isn’t us.  We aren’t quite that cute, but it’s a great picture and exactly what I’m talking about :)

THANK YOU LORD for putting us back on the right path.


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  1. mostlikelytomarry
    Oct 30, 2012 @ 13:46:09

    Beautiful Post. It is those simple things that we tend to take for granted, brush away. We don’t know how what we have, til it is gone. I have done the same exact thing. Marriage is endless lessons learned. I am glad you found your way back to the simple joy of a hug :)


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