Panic Attacks: The Dentist & The Bank

Let’s talk about the bank shall we?

Well there is really nothing to talk about!  THANK YOU LORD.

Let’s talk about the dentist instead….

The morning was rushed as usual.  I had no time to get myself in a tizzy.  First stop was the dentist.  The dentist’s office is not an easy place to go for people with anxiety / panic attacks.  But I have had some successes there the last few times we’ve gone so it is getting easier.  I took Kid1 today – she has molars coming in, pushing out some baby teeth.  The baby teeth are hanging on for dear life and will just not let go!  This happened on both sides of her mouth and she complained often that it was sore.  I wasn’t too worried about it – I figured they’d fall out on their own eventually.  Then she ate some skittles and one of the baby teeth cracked right in half.  So half of it came out.  The other half was still hanging on tightly but hurting a lot.

So we went to the dentist.  He decided to remove them both right then & there.  He gave her 4 shots of novocaine and left the room.  We were waiting to give it time to work and then he was going to “extract” her teeth.  She wanted to know exactly how he planned to do that and kinda freaked out.  I remained calm.  I’m the mom right? Moms need to be calm, cool, & collected at times like this.

He came back and explained and she felt better.  I didn’t feel better!  I was thanking God that I remembered to take ativan that morning in preparation for this wonderful day.  I was sitting there, starting to sweat, wondering how on earth I was going to watch him “extract” her teeth.  I’ve heard of this before – there is cutting of the gums involved, right?  I cannot watch that without having a panic attack!   I really can’t.  So my mind was racing.  I was stuck there.  I couldn’t leave.  Of course I couldn’t leave – Kid1 was all worried and wanted me there.

So I sat quietly in the chair and patted her leg reassuringly.  And I hyper-focused on the TV in the ceiling.  I couldn’t hear it very well so I was concentrating really hard on reading their lips.  It was a wonderful distraction!  I was so worried about having a panic attack.  I thought for sure it was coming. 

It never did. 

It helped that he was very quick.  There was no cutting involved.  He used his dental tool – which just looked like a nice pair of pliers – and pulled them out.  It was over in about 3 minutes.  Awesome.   (For future reference: Extract means yank it out with pliers :)

They gave us an instruction booklet on how to deal with bleeding gums and what she is allowed to eat etc.  She was thrilled to see that she was not allowed to exercise all day.  Ha.  We left the office with wads of bloody gauze hanging out of her mouth.

And then we headed to the bank.

We did everything at the counter, no little offices were necessary.  The very cute guy waiting on me was a nice surprise.  He was new and training and took longer than it needed to.  I didn’t mind.  I don’t think Kid1 minded either.  lol  She quickly removed the gauze and shoved it in my coat pocket when we walked up to the counter.  Yea, in my coat pocket.  Nice.

I answered his questions, I signed a paper, we left.

It was nothing.  It was easy.  It was EASY!

Not once did I feel dizzy.  Awesome.  Truly awesome.

Back at the car my daughter and I had a nice laugh about cute guys and bloody gauze in my coat pocket :)

Shall I thank those evil genius hackers for giving me the opportunity to conquer one more panic place?

Well, no.  But it still felt really awesome.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jill
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 12:04:00

    nice! atta girl! {{{doing happy dance for ya!}}}


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