Another year wiser?

I turned 41 this weekend.  I can tell you it was SO much better than last year!  (See  I don’t like turning 40 )

Why was it better?

Well, I didn’t cry once.  Ha!   And hubby bought me a gift weeks ago!  The kids wrapped it for him this morning.  Hubby is notorious for forgetting to buy / hating to be bothered with gifts.  This becomes a problem because one of my main love languages is gifts.  So even though I try really hard, this often leads to hurt feelings.

Those 2 reason right there are plenty.

Oh – My mom called me too.  That was nice.  She usually just sends a card.  This year she did both.  Nice :)  My dad didn’t call but he probably will this week – he always forgets and calls a few days later.  lol  That’s ok though.  I talk to him pretty regularly so it’s not a big deal.  We just hung out at home today and worked on the kid’s valentines for their school parties.  Fun, relaxing.

Kid2 made a birthday cake.  I told hubby that I was going to order pizza cuz I didn’t want to cook.  (hint, hint….)  So we ordered pizza, he went to pick it up and also brought home some steaks from the store and STRAWBERRIES.  Yum.  Strawberries may be my all-time favorite food.  He knows that and that is why it is so awesome :)  And he cooked the steaks and kids made a salad.

Did I ever tell you that Kid1 and I have the same birthday??  Now that she is a little older (14!!) she is starting to appreciate it a little bit I think.  I have always been careful not to take away from her moment.  Our tradition is that we usually go to Applebees, just the 2 of us, and then we go shop the winter clearance sales at the mall.  It’s lot of fun!  We haven’t gone yet.  Might happen a bit later this year.

She is having a slumber party next weekend.  And I just bought her way too expensive sneakers for her birthday.  Between that gift and the party expenses, we may have to wait a little before we can go on a shopping spree!

Kid1 and I are still walking and exercising.  She is finally not hating me for it.  Most days :)  She always complains that her feet hurt – or her shoes hurt – or her ankles hurt – or….  Before I thought she was just complaining because she was mad at me for making her exercise.  But she has had a better attitude lately and still complains of foot pain.  So we went to a fancy pants shoe store where they have a whole “digital foot analysis” shoe fitting system.  I have to say it was very cool!  We walked out of there with a $120 pair of sneakers and a smile on her face.  lol  I didn’t expect to spend that much but if it gets rid of her pain then it is worth it.  And I think her feet are done growing so these shoes should fit a LONG time!  lol

Perhaps the correct saying is “Another year older, and deeper in debt.”

I don’t know where that quote comes from but it seem fitting!



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