Birthday Party Sleepover without Drama!

We had a great 4 day weekend with the kids off school Friday and Monday.

Kid1 turned 14 last weekend so we had a sleepover birthday party on Thursday night.  She has not had a birthday party with friends for the last 2 years because she had a horrible case of teenage attitude and rebellion.  Yes, that is a good way to describe it.   She could never quite be respectful long enough to even get the invitations out before hubby or I had to lecture that the party was a privilege, not a right and blah blah blah.  Inevitably  she would not ‘get it’ and the party would be cancelled before it was even planned.  I’m telling you, this child is tough.  I was more upset that I had to cancel my daughter’s birthday party than she was.

Knock on wood, but we may be working our way through that wonderful phase.  Of course she still has that wonderful teenage attitude going on but seems to have learned a little self-control.  She has finally figured out that it is not in her best interest to yell every little thought that pops into her head at us.  Yay.  lol

Since she hasn’t had a party (with friends) the last 2 years, we made a big deal out of this one!  She invited 8 friends, I rented a church fellowship hall  and convinced my best friend to stay too.  lol  Our little boys stayed too and they had a blast annoying the teenagers :)  Kid2 & her BFF came for a while but then went to BFF’s house for the night.  It was a lot of fun.  Kid1 was terrified I would plan games that were “babyish”.  Ha.  I googled and googled and found some neat things to do and they all had a blast.  The pictures were on facebook before we even got home the next day.  In their world, we can definitely call that a success!

The main game we played was called Frito Head.  They put on plastic rain ponchos, sprayed shaving cream on their partners head, and tossed fritos to see how many they could get to stick on their head.  Wild, messy, and so much fun.

It was fun! Friday was so lazy for us cuz we were too tired to do anything except veg out and watch TV and eat leftover cake.

Oh – the cake.  Ha!  Kid1 is all about the zebra print – just like every other teenage girl right now.  I ordered a zebra print cake with purple accents.  In my mind, this meant a black and white striped caked with the “Happy Birthday” etc written in purple and maybe some other kind of purple decorations on it.  Something definitely got lost in translation.  Kinda funny, but just something else to laugh about.  The term  “purple zebra” was a worn out phrase by morning.  (I removed her name from the cake pic before posting it here.) The cake had a weird purple zebra thing going on! – but other than the bright purple zebra-ness of it, it was really plain.  Strange.  I will definitely be more specific next time I order a cake!  It was still very yummy though so no complaints there!


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