My Kids are Unplugged

I may have reached a new LOW… Or I’m brilliant.  

I’m not sure which yet!

My kids have been plugged in like crazy lately.  “Plugged in” means they are on the computer or Ipad or Ipod or whatever technological device they can find.  (I am constantly telling them to “Unplug”!)

They are all about Animal Jam now and they just had a 4 day weekend.  They sat for HOURS playing that game.  I couldn’t stand it anymore!

I offered a $20 bill to whoever stays off the computer & ipad & ipod the longest.

Then the idea kind evolved.

– The money isn’t in the pot until 3 days have passed.
– After that, the pot increases $1/day.

Today is Day 3. They all keep trying to get the others to cave and tempt them by talking about their friends who are online etc.  It’s hilarious!  And it has been so peaceful here!  Much less whining.  For real.  Last night Kid1 & Kid3 played ‘Go Fish’  together – the actual card game! And remember books?  And they got my old Merlin down from the game shelf in the basement.  You remember Merlin – I know you do!

I will admit that they got bored pretty quickly with Merlin.  But it lead to a fun conversation about the ‘good old days’!


Oh – wondering why I think it might be a new LOW ??   Cuz I am actually PAYING my kids to not to play on the computer!  Sounds so sad when I think of it that way!

So I won’t – I will just enjoy this and maybe even get to play a board game or two.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deviate Soul
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 05:55:08

    I kind of think it’s great that you’re going to these lengths to get your kids unplugged, even if you’re even them money for it. So many kids in today’s society are constantly on their cell phones, or iPads, or iPods, or something electronic that it makes you wonder how their brains haven’t become mush and slipping out of their ears. Ha ha. And the fact that it’s actually working?! Even better!!


  2. Jill
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 19:52:25

    No, you are brilliant! My kids are like zombies and beyond bribery. It’s bad.


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