My Kids are Still Uplugged

My kids unplugged last Tuesday.  (2/21/12)

They are still unplugged!  They have officially made it one whole week.  I am amazed.

It has been so easy – for me at least!  Instead of me constantly having to tell them to get off the computer etc, it is their choice!  I do not have to be the nagging mom that is no fun.  They have asked a few times if they could get on.  I said “Sure!”.  But then they don’t.

Kid2 said to me last night that this was gonna last a while.  She said it was “cuz we don’t want each other to get the money.”  So it is no longer about earning the money for her, it appears to be about making sure her Bro & sis don’t get it.  Ha!

Gotta love sibling rivalry!


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