She’s Rude and He’s Not?

The morning started out fine.  Kid2 got dressed, ate breakfast, and went back upstairs to do her hair just like she does every morning.  When she came down she was ticked at the world.

Of course hubby saw this and couldn’t let it go.  So he starts demanding  “What’s your problem?!”  And my bull-headed child refused to answer.  Yep, my little 12 year old would not answer her big loud scary Dad.  (I am amazed every time my kids do this sort of thing.)

He asked her several more times, becoming more irritated each time.  He said “I asked you a question!”   She said “So!”  Imagine it real snotty from a tween and you get the picture.

The kids left to walk out the driveway to the bus.

He said “I hate when she gets like that.  It’s so rude!  Aaaghhh.”

LOL  Are you laughing with me right now??  I couldn’t help it so of course I said “That’s just like what you do to me.  You look past me and pretend you didn’t even hear me and you refuse to answer me.”

“Not like that though!  I’m not rude like that!  No.” he said.  Apparently he thinks the way he does it is OK.  Really?  Is there a way to do that that is not rude?  She learned this from him!

I kinda raised my eyebrows at him and he knew I disagreed, but I let it go.   He’s been in a pretty good mood since Sunday so I let it go.   No need to create trouble when there is peace.


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