Nerve Tonic

I bought this at Walmart.  It’s been in my desk drawer for quite a while.

Wellbutrin makes me shake.  I have trouble even cutting a straight line. My daughter asked me to paint her nails.  That did not work!  It has really been bugging me and becoming a real problem.

Usually an ativan helps but I don’t want to take any more of those than necessary so I tried this.

I am amazed.  It may be too good to be true.

It takes away my Wellbutrin shakes!

I have not noticed any side effects.   It says it is non-habit forming.  Seems to good to be true.  The box says ” Temporarily relieves the symptoms of simple nervous tension and stress.”  I don’t think my nervous tension is simple by any means!  lol  I have no idea if it would actually help with my anxiety but I am going to keep trying it because I am amazed at how it made my shaking stop!  Yay!


When I first tried it I made some notes on my daily log just to keep track of it.

3/25 nerve tonic pill – took about  2:55 pm- now its 4:05 pm and I am definitely calmer and the shaking has slowed down!  Cool!

3/27 – nerve tonic at 11:53 am – visibly shaking – gonna check in an hour and see if my hand is still!
– definitely helped but didn’t completely stop, don’t feel as jittery though!
– Took a 2nd nerve tonic at 4:04 pm – we’ll see!
– no kidding! 7:33 pm-  I can hold my hand still !


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill Green
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 09:14:28

    Woo hoo! Good for you Zoe! I recenty had a lot of success with Pure Calm. There are so many things we can try and honestly for me, very few have helped me at all. So glad this is helping you mama! Stick with it- it looks like it’s all natural from the picture :)


  2. Zoe
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 20:16:07

    I have used Pure Calm also! From I liked that and I do think it helped. I also have agorafear relief in my purse :) I’m not sure agorafear does much of anything though for me. I also took Mindsoothe for a while. I loved it. I stopped taking it when I started Wellbutrin. Mindsoothe was better for me than plain St Johns wort. St Johns wort gave me the jitters – the blend that Mindsoothe has made it better – I think it has Passion Flower in it. I HIGHLY recommend it though and will start taking that again when/if I stop taking Wellbutrin.
    Whew – that’s a loaded paragraph! I sound like a commercial for Native Remedies. I truly do love their products tho! My daughter takes their focus formula and says she can really notice a difference in her ability to concentrate at school when she forgets it in the morning :) OK, I’m done now. Ha!


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