Freakin Teacher Meetings

I apologize to all you teachers out there.  But these things stress me out!

These types of things are really difficult for a person with panic attacks!

Ironically, I LOVED school when I was a child.  I was an A student.  It was easy for me.  I remember hating weekends.  I didn’t want to be home and deal with my dad’s drama.  I was the only kid I knew that loved Mondays!  It really sucks how these panic attacks have changed my life.  I’m getting better and better but it never should have been an issue in the first place and that ticks me off.

This is a busy busy time of year for everyone.  Tons of school events.

I need to focus on today only:

3:30 – pick up kids & a BFF from school

4:30 – Kid1 and I meet with guide counselor to discuss next years class schedule. I guess next year is when credits start counting toward graduation and there are decisions to make.  I don’t really know what this meeting will accomplish.   I’m looking forward to finding out :)

5:15 – Hubby takes Kid2, Kid2’s bff, and kid3 to ball field.

5:30 – I meet them at ball field and take Kid2 & bff to track.

5:45 – baseball game starts


I’m looking forward to sitting down, being still, and watching the game.  Ha!  Really, I will not be still.  I will be cheering like a crazy mom :)

There are about 2 hours of this day that are going to be stressful.  Really I have it figured out.  And I’m going to go make some hamburger helper and put it in the crockpot to stay warm so supper will be ready and available to whoever wants it, whenever they want it.  Simple.  Done.

I also have to remember to get cash from the mac machine before we come home for Kid1 to take on her band trip tomorrow.  And add minutes to her phone.  Being a mom is all about details!

Really this day is not that bad.  What makes it bad is that I am psyching myself out about this meeting with the guidance counselor.  My friend went this morning and said it took half an hour.  Ugh.  Add to that the fact that hubby has not been sleeping much at all this week.  He will be grumpy.  But I am waking him up anyway to help drive kids around.  He knew the plan last night.  He chose not to go to bed today until noon.  Not my fault.  Right?  Right.


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  1. Jill Green
    May 18, 2012 @ 06:12:31

    Anxiety at a teacher meeting doesn’t mean you didn’t love school. Your role now as a mom is so different. You are meeting with the teachers as equals and a lot of people feel (me included) still see them as authority figures. No wonder we freak out and get anxious.

    Sounds like you got the day covered. Stay present at the meeting. Concentrate on your kid and what is best for him/her. Remember, it’s not about you. Also remember the teacher probably has a ton of other parent meetings today and is most likely thinking about getting home to her own kids and nice dinner on the crock pot.

    Good luck, I’m sure you will be just fine. :)


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