Communication Turns Me On

I really wish I had an adult that I could talk to and bounce ideas off of.  I want to be able to have a normal conversation and have some help making grown up decisions.  At least have some input.

It is strange that my hubby can’t do this with me.  He is a very opinionated person.  Very.  And I hear all about it after the fact.  He loves to complain and point out how HE would have done something differently than I did.   He has lots of negative stuff to say all the time.

But he doesn’t ever want to be involved in the decision making process.


I’m trying to figure out when to go to Florida.  Me & kids are planning to drive to my Dad’s condo and stay a week.  Hubby has no desire to go.  That’s fine.  The beach is not his favorite place in the whole world.  It is mine.  But I am trying to figure out when the best time to go is.  There are tons of things going on and we will miss some.  I have tried to have a conversation with him about what would work better.  He has no opinion.  He will not offer any suggestions or tell me what he thinks at all.  Kid3 is going to miss a baseball tournament because there are tournaments until the end of July and we are going this month.   And we might miss hubby’s family reunion.

He won’t give me his opinion about it now while I’m trying to figure it out.  But you can bet he will have an opinion about it later and gripe about it.  And of course I will have made the worst decision ever and he’ll say we should have gone a different time.

I guarantee he will do this.

And once again I will try with all my might to not let his negativity get me down.

Like the title?  Ha.  It’s true.  On the rare occasions that he does man up and have a real conversation with me, it makes me melt.

Remember that guys.

(I happen to know there are at least 2 of you that read this now :)


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