A Successful Day

(9/11/12 – Typed in the bleachers while I was bored to death waiting for a volleyball game to be over!  Kid1 plays JV, but she still has to stay for the varsity game.   So I stayed too.  Got a bit bored and started typing on my ipod :)


I’m Sitting in the bleachers at the volleyball game myself now right now.

Kids 2&3 and I got here about half an hour late. We went to the dentist first. My old dentist retired and sold his practice. The new guy is great tho!  Really good with my kids. Feel so much better about it now. Hate going to the dentist and being trapped in that chair anyway. I was nervous about mtg the new dentist.  Now its done. And he nice. Whew. Don’t need MORE reasons to have a panic attack.

They are getting ready to announce the varsity players now and will play the national anthem soon too. Ugh. Doing ok but shaky.

Hubby came by himself and then we met him here. He was sitting with my bff and her mom. Right in the freakn middle of the bleachers. Bff was videotaping the game so she was sitting at center court and he joined them.

After the jv game, bff left to go to her grams bday party. Hubby took kid3 home to do his homework and now kid2 and I r still here watching varsity game.  Of course kid2 is sitting with her friends. I could sit with other parents.  I’m friends with a few. But i prefer the cool air coming in my doors to my friends. Lol  Nice huh?

Oh!  Kid1 got to play in the JV game.  Woo hoo! . Once before i got here. And the she got in again – poor girl was so so so nervous but  was grinning from ear to ear.

So today i took kids to dentist and sat right in the middle of these bleachers. (Ativan included.)  And i didn’t freak out. That’s a pretty good day :)


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  1. Jill
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 08:25:32

    That’s pretty darn awesome!


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