Hubby Missed Us but….

He missed us but we brought a bunch of germs home with us.

That’s what hubby said.  And that is why he slept in the basement the first night we were home.

I get it.  He is a germophobe.  And unfortunately when people are sick it annoys him.  How nice.  I hope I never get a fatal disease.  God forbid I ever get a fatal disease.  He’ll be angry at me until I die.  The man gets irritated when I cough.  Or blow my nose too much.  He’ll bark things at us like “Did you take anything?”  Or he’ll see a kid put their fingers in their mouth and say THAT is why they are sick.  Like it is their fault.  “You aren’t even doing anything to help yourself get better!” he’ll say to me.

Ummm.  I have cold medicine.  I have cough drops.  I have vicks on my chest trying to breath.  Shut the (beep!) up.


Yesterday I told him that he was being ridiculous.  And I told him that the next time he gets a cold I am going to yell at him every single day until he is better.  He gave me a crooked smile.  He knows he’s being a nut case.  My kids thought that was hilarious.


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