Girl’s Weekend

This weekend the boys went to the camp.

We had a very peaceful, calm girls weekend.  And I actually had some nice down time all by myself too.  It’s amazing how much better I feel when I’ve had quiet time!  It’s like you can actually think.  Ha.  I’m sure all moms know what I’m talking about!

Friday night my girls went to the football game.  They are both in the band and it was an away game so I didn’t go.  It.  was.  awesome.  lol

I caught up on work, made myself a toasted cheese sandwich, watched a few reruns of Friends, decluttered a junk pile in the basement….  I’m so much fun aren’t I?  Ha!  Oh – and another mom was bringing my girls home.  So I drank schnapps.

I wondered if I should be worried that I was so excited to be alone and be able to drink schnapps too.  Then I decided I didn’t care and had some more. :)  I hardly ever drink so it was fine.  I guess I will always over think it though since my dad is an alcoholic.

We all hung out Saturday and then I took Kid2 to a friends house to help babysit – her first ever babysitting job.  She was thrilled that she got paid!  Kid1  invited a friend over but she couldn’t come so she helped me paint the hallway.  We had fun and I think the calm house did her wonders too.  She was easy going and happy to help.  She is usually quite the opposite!

Then she watched TV and I wasted time on Pinterest.  Not very exciting at all – but just what we needed!

The boys are back now and laundry is going, I’m going to go help stack wood and then we have to get homework done and catch up on cub scout stuff that is due Tuesday.  Then I’ll have to cook, and fight with Kid3 to take a shower and…. you get the idea.  Back to the busy-ness that fills our days.

It was a GREAT weekend.  THANK YOU LORD.


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