“Not Quite 8 Hours a Day”

A conversation a few days ago:

Me: I’ve worked 52 hours in the last 7 days.

Hubby: If you think about it, that’s not quite 8 hours a day.

Me:  That really makes me want to flip you off.

Here’s the thing.  I work from home.  I log in and out all day long.  If I go pee, I log out.  If I make some tea, I log out.  If I get a personal phone call, I log out.  If someone knocks on my door, I log out.  I worked in an office for 8 years so I have something to compare this to.  Not trying to tick anyone off but think about it.  When I went to work everyday and hung out in my cubicle, I still got paid if I went to the bathroom or heated up my tea.  I got paid if I got a personal call at work.  I got paid for the chit-chat at the water cooler. I did not log out every time I left my desk.  Imagine how long people would have to be at work everyday if their 8 hours were required to be 8 very focused hours that included none of these things.

My point is that it takes me longer to log 8 actual hours of work.  AND when it is not the busy retail season, I usually work about 30 hours/week.

So this is a huge jump in hours for me.  Yay for the cash.  Boo for my aching butt sitting in this chair!  Boo for my kids not even bothering to look for me anymore cuz they already know where I am and that I ‘can’t talk right now’.  I have been feeling crazy and tired and very frazzled.  I was proud of those hours, and amazed at them, and irritated by them all at the same time.  I wanted him to say “Wow! You’ve been working hard! ”  Ha.  Never works out the way I imagine it.

So I left the room after that conversation because I was so tired I think I would have had a complete meltdown if the conversation had continued.

THE NEXT DAY… Hubby made supper.  It was a weird supper but he made it and I didn’t even ask him to.  That made it delicious.  THEN he had the kids empty the dishwasher and load it but said that he would WASH THE PANS.

What else?  I heard him out there delegating chores to the kids.  This is usually my job and I am the meanie who makes them clean things up.  He was doing it.  They were finishing homework, and taking out the trash, and putting stuff away.  And I didn’t have to say a word.  At one point I thought that I should probably go pitch in.  But I didn’t.  Ha.  It was awesome to listen to from another room.  And instead of hearing “But M-O-M its not my turn to put away the silverware! I did it last time!” they complained to him.  Loved it!  And they were amazed that HE was washing dishes.

Hubby is still helping out more. Not as much but some.  And when something needs to be done – it seems like he considers that it might actually be HIM who should do it instead of everything being up to me.  That’s awesome.

Kid2 mentioned it yesterday. “Mom!  Dad washed dishes.  Dad cooked.  Dad wrote the grocery list.  What is UP with him?”  lol

I’m sure it wont stay this way – but its nice now and I plan to enjoy it while it lasts.


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  1. rootstoblossom
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 08:08:02

    Yes enjoy! Isn’t it wonderful to get some help and respect? I sure hope it lasts for you, you deserve some help. And I know exactly what you mean about working from home. My 30 hours a week also seems to take forever, especially those days when it is squeezed in just minutes in between interruptions, kid care, and house work, and errands, and Dr visits, and, oh wait, I wasn’t going to complain, lol.


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