Update to the Freak Out Update

The plan for the open house last night was this….

Take an ativan at 3:30.  Leave house at 4:30, be there by 5:00 to beat the crowds.  Visit, go have dinner with the family somewhere.

What really happened though was:
When Kid1 got home from school yesterday she was sick.  Freezing cold and feeling dizzy.  She had refused to take any of the pain meds that the dentist gave her.  I gave her a motrin and hoped maybe it was just tooth ache side effects, although the flu is going around school right now too.  She slept about half an hour and came downstairs looking miserable but decided she could go. I really wanted to go – I’ve only ever been there once before.  I wanted to go see where my daughter will be spending her mornings next year!   I was going to tag along with BFF and her kid if Kid1 wasn’t feeling up to it.  She said she was though so I called BFF and told her to go without me.

Hubby changed his mind about going many times.  He went to this school – vo tech – when he was in high school and took the welding program.  But Kid1 is interested in the multimedia department, which is a whole new experience at this school.  He has been a bit disappointed ever since Kid1 expressed interest in going here – he’s always said he wants his kids to go to college and earn the “easy money”.  What this means to him is that you use your brain to make your money –  instead of physical work.  He has a very physically demanding, dirty, hard job.

But I think this is the perfect choice for her!  It is multimedia and web design.  It is really neat.  They have a lot of high tech equipment, they work with a lot of local businesses, she will get great real world training and work experience.  And lets face it, school has always been a  challenge for Kid1.  I think college would be miserable for her.  I will not tell her not to go to college.  I will never tell her that.  It’s her choice.  But that’s another reason this is perfect.  When she graduates, she will be certified in something – not sure what exactly, she will have real skills, and experience with real companies already.  AND they have a dual enrollment program so that she can earn college credits while she is there.  She can earn 24 college credits in the 3 year program.  And they are only like $40/credit!  And they are credits that will transfer to (most) colleges.  SO she still has that choice.  Yay.

I’m excited, can you tell?

I got kinda sidetracked there… but what happened last night was that we didn’t go until way later than I had planned because we were waiting for Kid1 to feel better.  Then I had to quickly defrost and cook something to feed people at home.  Then hubby finally decided he was coming so we had to wait for him to shower.  And by then it had been too long for that 3:30 ativan to still be  much good.  Or at least I was worried it wouldn’t be ok and I had plenty to time to continue to freak out about going there…  So I took another one around 6:00.  And Oh my gosh I was in a fog.  Ick.  But it worked, no panic attacks anywhere in site. We had a nice long conversation with the teacher and it was well worth the trip.  I slept HARD last night.  I didn’t get up with my alarm at 5:45am.  Kid2 woke me up 7:00.  Kids1 & 2 walk out for the bus at 7:15.  I usually get Kid3 up at 7.  Kid2 got us both up today.  Ha.

So I had a drugged kind of sleep last night.  It was a deep sleep.  And I feel great today!   :)

Tonight is Kid2’s 13th birthday party sleepover.  So much to do and trying to have a good plan for activities to keep the drama at bay.  It’s been so hard with these boy crazy girls. Last time some of them were here – about a month ago – there was so much drama! It was terrible.  And they were mean.  Just mean.  Mean to my other kids, rude to me, fighting with each other.  It was ridiculous.  I told Kid2 this is her chance to do it the right way – or sleepovers are done.  D O N E.    So I have a bunch of activity ideas.  You need a bunch cuz they’ll probably hate most.  And instead of me making a cake, they are going to make cupcakes and decorate them themselves.  Kid2’s BFF especially likes to cook and I figure that will keep them busy for a while.  We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Friday everyone!

And the “snow” is back on wordpress!  I love the snow :)


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