The Plan for the Teenager Is Working!

This is a follow-up to The Plan for the Teenager.

Just found out that Kid1 is getting a 94 in Algebra 2!  Woo hoo!  She has not gotten higher than a C in math since she started Junior High.  AND she has an 87 in science!  Woo hoo!  Last marking period she got a D.

Volleyball season is over so she has more time so that helps I’m sure.  But she has been so much more organized since I made her use that checklist.  Yes, I’d like just a little credit.  Ha.  But I’ll just say that here, not to her :)

She also usually has clean clothes picked out for the mornings and there are fewer melt downs for sure! (she is now in charge of her own laundry).

I’m very proud of her.  She still complains about the checklist sometimes and it has changed a little since we started it.  She doesn’t have to show it to me every day anymore either.  I still ask to see it occasionally – but only if I think she is lying about getting her list done.  Just asking is usually enough to kick her into gear so she gets it done.

I’m very proud of her.  And she is proud of herself.  She was showing off her binder and its color coded sections a few days ago.  I swear she is even writing neater than she used to.  I think it is because she is proud of her organized notebook!


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