7 Thoughts That Will Change Your Marriage

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7 Thoughts That Will Change Your Marriage


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  1. judi
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 10:40:00

    Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it. here are my thoughts:
    a) #2 and #4 seem to be in opposition of each other. This a huge problem for me….I have gone out and made friends and created a life so i don’t rely on my husband. SO we are even farther apart now. It is NOT good for my marriage.

    b) #5 about putting the marriage before the kids; I agree with this one. But I don’t think most people do this because the kids are flesh and blood relatives and the spouse is not. I mean you can replace a spouse but not your child. My husband ALWAYS put our daughter first. If she is around I do not rank. It makes me feel unloved.

    c) #7 is the one i must keep in mind. I know i focus on the negative not the positive. BUT, in my defense, I think i am problem solver and if something is not broke it does not need to be fixed. Therefore I focus on the things that upset me in the hopes that i can change them so they are no longer an issue. YES, i need to be more grateful for the good things I have. Too often you don’t appreciate what you have until it is gone!


  2. Jane in the midwest
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 11:14:18

    I thought this was a fabulous article…it shows me a few things I could be working on. Thanks for posting it!

    PS Judi, I totally understand about being a “problem solver”….I too am great at doing that, but you’re right in that it does seem to focus us on the negative. This gives us something to think about, huh?


  3. Zoe
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 21:59:04

    You guys read it before me! lol Glad you enjoyed it.
    #4 stands out for me – we really dont do much together. At least not fun stuff we go and purposely do. We do the daily living together stuff and thats about it.
    Will need to work on that.
    And #6 is huge for me. Yes, I like to win the arguments. I am right and he is wring of course. Unfortunately he is more stubborn than I am and we never solve anything. I feel he is unreasonable in SO MANY things that I am always determined to get him to understand my logic and see my point of view.. this would prove that I am right. The way she said it in the article is spot on!


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