Parent Teacher Conference Again

I always post about parent- teacher conferences because they always send me into anxiety overload.  I used to stress about them, then the worst happened and I actually had a panic attack during one.  That was a big set back of course and now I wont even go unless I’ve taken ativan.

Ugh.  It’s always good when these things sneak up on me so I don’t have time to over-think it and freak myself out.   I knew it was either today or tomorrow.  I couldn’t find the paper.  I have been focused on the phone meeting I had this morning so that was also a good distraction.  I couldn’t find the paper because I am totally overwhelmed in my life and becoming more and more unorganized as the days go by.  I emailed the teacher to ask her the time.  It was at 4:30 today.  Ha.  There was about an hour and a half before the conference, I took an ativan and hoped for the best.

Hubby actually came to this one.  He usually says he is going to, but doesn’t.  Kid3’s teacher is new to our school and hubby decided to go to meet her.  Usually I like it when he doesn’t go because it’s easier to put on my “I’m awesome, who the hell are you?!” face – which is my defense against the panic monster.  But today I actually wanted him to go and when he tried to back out, I encouraged him to come.  I felt sure he would be a great distraction .  lol

It went well.  I felt uneasy and hot.  I think my face was red and I’m sure she could tell that I was uncomfortable.  Or maybe I just looked fidgety.  But it’s done and I survived.  And kid3 is a good student and he’s well behaved and she hardly had anything to say about him. Good.  One more year done.  I didn’t set any meetings up for Kids1 & 2 because they are both doing well and the teachers didn’t have any concerns either.  Yay!

It wasn’t always this easy.  More progress.  Thank you Lord!

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  1. Barbara
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 20:41:48

    Aren’t those interviews the worst? I always ended up crying after them because I was left feeling like such a failure as a parent.


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