Rearranging the Living Room

Tonight I have an unexpected evening to myself.  Usually when this happens I would work.  Not tonight.  Tonight I am taking a break!

After everyone left, I cleaned up the kitchen, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned up all the k’nex and paper airplanes and pokeman cards all over the living room and then rearranged the whole room.  About 2 months ago – maybe longer- we got rid of our beloved recliner because it was just way too big for our living room.  We all loved the chair.  And it was pretty new – maybe 2 years old.  It was just too big and made the room feel crowded and small, for that I hated it.   We plan to replace it with a smaller recliner soon.. AND then I got excited about bringing my gazelle back into the living room.  I used to get on that thing all the time when watching TV and the kids did too. (exercise equipment in case you’re wondering)

Well.  We ended up trading my sister and family – our awesome recliner for their bowflex. It’s an older one but hubby was thrilled.  Well guess where hubby set that thing up!  Yep, right where the recliner had been.   He said it would be there a week until he made a spot in the basement for it.    Yea right.  I knew it when he said it, that thing was gonna be there a lot longer than that.  So tonight, I carried a chair out of here that we brought in as a temporary replacement for the recliner.  Chair was not comfortable and we all hate sitting in it.  AND I wheeled the bleeping bowflex out of the living room and down the hall to the play room/junk room/computer room.  Then I lugged my gazelle up from the basement.  YAY.  I’m so happy.  Then I even had room to bring our old glider rocker into the room.  Very comfortable chair that I rocked all my babies in once upon a time.

So now I am sitting here in this spacious, clean room and smiling from ear to ear.  My daughter text a little while ago.  She asked what I was doing.  I said ‘taking back the living room’.  She replied “Uh Oh.”  Ha!

Hopefully I will catch up on some blog posts, it’s been a while.  I still talk to you guys in my head but never seem to get here to type it out.  Maybe if I can keep it short & to the point I’ll get through  a few. :)


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