About The Man who Recorded his Wife’s Meltdown

Have you seen this?

The husband secretly recorded his wife having a meltdown and then posted it on the internet.

Check it out here if you are interested —>  Wife Divorcing Husband Who Secretly Filmed Her Crazy Temper Tantrum & Showed It To The World

Everyone is appalled at the woman’s behavior.  Yes, she did lose it and throw a temper tantrum.  She kicked and screamed like a 3 year old.  That’s not mature at all.  That’s not how a grown woman should act.  We all know that.

But who here hasn’t had a meltdown?  If you haven’t then I’d say you are lucky and / or really have your act together.  I’m also willing to bet that you are married to a guy who treats you well and cares how you feel.

I have had meltdowns at my husband that I would be horrified if the rest of the world saw a video of it.  That’s the truth.  No, I didn’t kick my feet at the car window and beg for cigarettes or text all my friends during the argument.  But I have yelled too much and said things I never should have said.

BUT…  Did you notice how he was laughing at her?  It is clear to me that he totally set her up.  So they were on the way to the lake for a weekend getaway… she mentions money, it sounds like they may have already spent money planning the weekend.  And then what?  He decides on the way there that they are no longer going because he has to rotate his tires?

Maybe he does that kind of thing often.  Maybe he backs out of plans at the last minute all the time.  Maybe she can’t count on him.  Maybe he doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do.  Maybe he always laughs at her when she disagrees with him.  Maybe he never cares about her opinion.  Maybe she has finally had all she can handle and we got to see her lose it.

But he is a jerk.  He says he did nothing wrong.  Really?  He set her up.  He knew that changing their weekend plans on the way there would drive her crazy.  He had his camera ready before he even said it.  He knew what buttons to push and boy did he push them.

He wants everyone to see the crazy lady he is married to – and how it is all her fault, and how he must be such a saint for putting up with her.   That’s not what I see.  I see a  deceiving man whose goal is to humiliate his wife.  I see a man who cannot be trusted.  I see a man who laughs when his wife is feeling let down.  He made it clear that he’d rather go rotate the tires than spend a weekend with her that was already planned.  Heck, they were even already on the way there.  He totally set her up.  Not cool.

Was the way she acted ok?  No. But the way he acted was even worse.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 03:10:47

    I feel for this woman because sometimes I feel like my husband sets me up. He takes jabs at me and won’t stop. And yes, I have lost it on occasion. She is young and has not learned to take the bait. I am not excusing her behaviour nor my behaviour in the past but I certainly understand feeling totally overwhelmed.


  2. Writing about Passive Aggression
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 11:10:55

    Zoe, I totally agree with you!!! She lost it and acted immaturely and that is the most obvious thing about the video. But when you think about what he did, his behavior was much, much worse than hers. And what kind of “loving” husband would post that kind of video of his wife??? He is seriously a jerk.


  3. Wanda
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 15:24:09

    I think reguardless what he did, there is a much more mature way to handle things, expecially when you are married.. I think he should have recorded it, but only to show her how immature she was acting. What man wants to deal with a women that acts like that. He explains to her that the finances where not there because she wants to spend the money.None of us know what really happened. I think the whole thing is a mess. I dont know if I would have divorced my husband for putting that online like that, but I would have been upset. But in a world full of people who dont know what marriage means no wonder so many people get divorced for small things.Communication is number 1 in a lasting marriage.


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