This story is so stupid.

Hubby was an ass tonight.  He has not been sleeping enough.  I know it, he knows it, kids know it.  We try to avoid him cuz he’s been a grump.

He knew I was nervous about my meeting today.  I told him a little about it last night.  Today when he got home (from going to the ag fair with his parents and kid3 instead of sleeping!) he was telling me about all the exhibits.  When he stopped, I told him I got the job!  He said “yeah”.  Not yay, just yeah. And then he turned to kid3 and started talking about something else.  I stood there for a few minutes.  Perhaps he wasn’t done talking, perhaps he had just thought of what he wanted to say to kid3.  So I waited and thought me might come back to my news.  He never did.  Their conversation was over pretty quickly and he started reading the paper.

I talked to kid3 a bit and returned to my office.  10-15 minutes later he popped his head in and asked why I went away.  I said because you totally dismissed my news.  He said “I said yeah.”  I just looked at him.  How can I argue with that?  lol   If he didn’t see the problem with that, there is no sense in me telling him now is there?

My kids here happy for me and asked me all about it later.  That helped :)

And he is back to holding grudges over stupid things.

Several days ago I removed his towel from his rack in the bathroom because it smelled musty.  The kids had been hanging their swimsuits in the upstairs bathroom and just piling towels on top of towels.  Of course they didn’t dry and they got all musty and stinky.  I washed a bunch of them with vinegar and the problem was solved.  Well it either didn’t work for that towel or I missed it.  Anyway, it stunk and I took the towel away and hung it in the spare room next to the bathroom on a clothes rack.  It was late at night, I was headed to bed and I planned to take care of it in the morning.

The next morning he came out of the bathroom yelling about where is his towel.  I told him.  He yelled why.  I told him.  Then he yelled that I should take it to the basement not put it in another room. (where the washing machine is)  What is the big deal?  Just get another freakin towel!!

Anyway, he has not been hanging his towel in the bathroom.  His rack has been empty.  I figured he was hanging it on the basement rack or something.  Tonight I was folding laundry in the living room and he was getting ready to take his shower before work.  He boomed “Where is my towel?”  I said I didn’t know.  He said it was in the dryer with some of the kids swimming towels.  I said that I had folded the things that were in the dryer so it is in the bathroom closet.  Then Kid1 said that her towel was on his rack and that she would move it.  He yelled that he doesn’t use his rack anymore.  Kid1 asked him why and he just glared and stormed away.

This story is so stupid.

It is stupid for me to waste my time typing all that out.

So I guess the reason that he no longer uses his towel rack is because I moved his towel when it needed washed?

I have washed the towels many many times so that’s just weird.  He has been using that same towel rack for 15 years.  Now he is boycotting it because…?  Because why exactly?  I will ask him that sometime after he’s had a good 8 hours of sleep.

After he left for work though I got really mad about all this nonsense and sat down here to type it out.  Here’s the thing – If he thinks he’s going back to his jerky ways and and going to get away with it, he is WRONG!  I will not live with him that way again.  I will not be subjected to his stupid fits of rage that make absolutely no sense.  If he doesn’t see the problem with his little grudge-holding fits, that’s a problem too.

I’m gonna call him on it and he is going to deal with it.

If he refuses to see that there is a problem, then we have a much bigger problem than I want to think about right now.

No way.  Not going back there.

Yes he is tired.  I let that be his excuse for way too long too.  Nope, not gonna work this time.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Aug 14, 2013 @ 22:39:59

    OMG! We need to do some DNA testing to see if our husbands are related. My husband has done the exact same thing with towels! His towel now hangs back on the rack but he usually takes it away the day before I collect them so he can wash it himself. He spends an inordinate amount of time trying to one up me. He has to always win. So, am laughing at your post because I mean…really? It would be great if they were related because all the pieces if the puzzle would come together.


  2. Zoe
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 07:32:33

    Oh my. Haha! I did ask Hubby what the deal was yesterday (after he finally got some good sleep!) He said that I had insulted him by telling him he stunk/his towel stunk. I explained the whole towel situation and now he knows but its crazy that he just jumps to these conclusions and then acts like a jerk. And his towel rack is still empty – we’ll see how long it take for him to get over himself and hang his towel again! lol


  3. Barbara
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 08:40:55

    You know the strange thing? As much as my husband can be a real ass, he can actually admit (albeit rarely) that he is wrong. Just this week he freaked the fuck out and told me that he hated me and wish we had never met and I was the worst person he every met blah, blah, blah because I woke him up. He stormed off and slept in the den. Usually I get really hurt and run after him and he just gets more and more angry. This time I just moved to the centre of the bed and fell asleep. (I love having the bed to myself!) They next afternoon I confronted him and told him that I am the person who loves him most in the world and he treats me the worst. (For example, he has two daughters that treat him like shit and yet he dotes on them. One daughter in particular has the same trait, treating the ones that are the kindest to her like shit and the the ones that treat her like shit she treats like gold.) Anyway…I had a point here. I actually got through to him. It happens so rarely but when it does it seems to stick. He actually apologized. I was so stunned I just sat there and didn’t say another thing about it.
    So, everything is fine today but god-knows what tomorrow will bring. One day at a time. I just have to keep hoping that things will get better.


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