Ice Sculptures

New Years Eve Day I wanted to go to a festival where the main event was ice carving.  It’s about 45  minutes away.  I’ve seen it advertised in the past and always thought it would be neat.  In my quest to get out & do more things even if hubby doesn’t want to, I was determined to go.

I was very surprised when my kids didn’t want to go either.  I think they were just worn out by all the holiday gatherings and they had been hanging out with friends and staying up way too late too.   They didn’t want to go.  BFF  has the flu and wouldn’t have been able to go even if she was well, she would have had to work.  One of my sisters  had the flu and the other was out of town…. sigh.  What to do?  I decided I’d go myself.  The event was in my college town.  I know my way around.  It’s been a while but it would be an adventure and I would be proud of myself.   Actually then my sister that was out of town texted me to say she was driving home that day and would gladly meet me there on her way back.

I woke up late Tuesday morning though and had the house to myself!  LOL  That’s better than ice sculptures!  Truly!  The kids have been off school for 2 weeks and hubby has been off almost 1 week.   Anyway, I got my coffee and sat in the quiet living room with the Christmas tree glowing and felt happy as can be.

To be truthful, I was worried about driving there anyway, just because of my last big panic attack.   That helped make relaxing by the tree even more appealing.

So once again, I didn’t follow through with my “get out there and do it!” plans.  Yes, I’m a little disappointed in myself for that.  But I am also very aware that I am a work in progress and i AM heading in the right direction!  Before I would not have even made those plans.  I may have seen the event, wished I could go but then I would have prayed hard that no one dare mention it and actually want to go!  So yea, this is still progress.  :)

I put it on my google calendar for next year.  I set it up as a daily reminder for 2 weeks before the event.  That way, there will be no avoiding it!  It will be right there in my face.  And then of course we saw news coverage of the event and my kids were all like “Wow!  We should have gone Mom!”   Yep.  We should have.  Next year.

Wow!  Check out these pics of an ice festival in China.  Very cool.  
Source: nbc news - ice festival


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  1. rootstoblossom
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 10:38:19

    So happy you can recognize the progress because you are right, you are already changing how you think, little by little. Happy New Year!


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