Late Night Gab Session ❤

Kid2 – who is 14 – just sat here on my bed tonight and babbled at me for about an hour.  It doesn’t happen often but I love it when it does!  It’s hard to get the teenage people to open up sometimes so it’s awesome when they do :)

She is going to the spring formal with this guy she has had a crush on for a long time.  He is a jerk plain and simple.  He has liked her on and off and then just dumps her without giving her any reason whatsoever.  She has cried many nights because of him.

They are “just friends” now and have been for a while, even though she still liked him.  They were just friends when they decided to go to the formal together also.  I wasn’t thrilled but want her to be able to figure this out on her own.  I’m well aware that forbidding something makes teenagers want it even more.  ha.

Well now she has decided that she really doesn’t like him at all and doesn’t even want to go with him to the formal.  It’s in 2 weeks.  A lot can happen in 2 weeks so we’ll see how this works out.  She is all worked up about it though and doesn’t know what to do.  My advice was to give him an out and see if he takes it.  AND if he is rude to her – she has every right to tell him she will no longer be his date – never mind that that his mom already bought a shirt and tie for him to match Kid2’s dress.

Sucks to be him!


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